Monument Styles

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments consist of the die and base. The die is the top part of the monument that sits on the base. They offer the maximum surface area for creative personalized design and they can be cut into a variety of different shapes. The base is the lower part of the monument and generally has a polished top, sawn bottom and rock sides.

Slant Markers

Slant markers are midway in height between the lower bevel markers and the larger upright monuments. They offer sufficient space for highly creative personalized design.They can be positioned on a base or stand alone.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers also known as Hickey or Pillow markers are low, but not flat. The back edge of is raised two to four inches higher than its front edge giving it a slightly slanted face.

Grass or Flush Marker

A grass or flush marker is a stone that sits flush with the ground. They come in individual and companion sizes.